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Anda tidak akan dapat membangun kehidupan yang baik melalui sebuah karir yang lemah.

Tidak sedikit pribadi dan profesional yang bekerja keras di dalam pekerjaan yang belum membuatnya berfokus pada kekuatan-kekuatannya, untuk mencapai hasil yang mengindikasikan kemajuan menuju sesuatu yang menyejahterakan dan membahagiakan.

Apakah Anda juga termasuk mereka yang sedang bertanya-tanya?

Apakah yang mungkin Anda capai dari pekerjaan Anda sekarang?

Sudah berapa lamakah Anda berpikir mengenai ketepatan karir Anda?

Apakah telah jelas bagi Anda kualitas masa depan dari karir Anda sekarang?

Tetaplah bertanya, karena jawaban hanya datang kepada yang bertanya.

Mario Teguh said that one person don't running in two or more careers in the same time. You'll be failed. Ok I will give you the description, while on two jobs in the same time in on full busy situation, what will you do? My assumption is you will focus on one job and pass the other(s). OK, may be you will say "Now I'm fine in two careers". I only answer good but remember that situation someday, somewhere, some time, will be happened to you. Mario give some humor from one of movie (I forgot the title he said before) as example, one man with two girl friends. One day the man has sent short message with wrong destination. The message that want to send to the first girl, now already sent to second girl. And the short message that want to send to the second girl already sent to the first girl. What will you do? All of this can happened if you do not focus to one point. At least of story, both of girls has broke up the relationship with the man.
Do you want it happened in your career if I assume the girls on the sample as your career?
First Make a choice now !!!!

The second point is using the words of "Just Do It !!!" Amigos, you will don't know anything until you do it first. So be brave to do it. From here you will know which career is best for you.

The third point is don't testing but trying. Hmmmm start confusing haaaa ? So what the different between testing and trying. Mario Teguh said that the different is while testing, you don't take 100% seriously. Otherwise while trying, you are in 100% seriously. For example the investor is not testing while he/she invest so many money for investment.

At the fourth point, Mario Teguh give 5 signs to describe you are in your best career.
1.You're happy and satisfied do that job. Your job is your hobby. Even some people make you down, you still do it the job and always happy while doing that job.
2.You become an expert at here. You got so many connections (friends or partners) in this career. You got so many income/ money in this career.
People known you as the best player. You have a good position in your company. You are in best company.
3.When you fall, you fall to the front not fall to the back. At here you take your failed as your experience(s), not as your disappointment(s). So at the next steps you will not fall again, because you already knew the hole(s)
4.In this career, you can see your dream.

"Make your will as high as the sky". Don't change your will or make down your will just because now your salary is not satisfied or you are not in good position. Your high dream will motivate your steps to make you more success. Trust me !!!

Be a person that have good attitude. Attitude is everything. Make this statement as your life slogan today. You not have to focus to get the great profession in the world. Here the sample: Do you know "run"? Do you know "jump"? Simply right? Everyone can do it. This is not also great/ cool activity in the world. But who is can run faster, who is can jump higher, is also categorize as successful person. What I want to talk here is may be our career is not the best career in the world, but if we can implement good attitude in your career now, you will became a successful person like a person who can run faster or jump higher. So just focus to your attitude now and be a good person with a good attitude. Then this will meet you to your super career.

Now how about if the career we took is not support by family, but you are really sure that career is your super career. Back to my words before, "JUST DO IT !!!!" and TRYING. Here are Mario Teguh's tips:
Do it secretly
Share your income to family

Your family will realize your career is great and realize they have gave the wrong decision. Then they will accept your career.

Do not trying a career that have different field. You know, you will always be a beginner rather than as expert. So after you found the situation when you enjoy the job, focus it, and be the expert on that field. This will become your super career.

Last, I want to share my secret formula and some formula which I got from Mr Mario Teguh. Just want you to know this is expensive formula. I guarantee this will make you success.

Watch this !!!

Success Formula

Work Hard + Work Smart = Your Success

Dreaming + Analyzing + Planning + Confidence + Implementing + Praying = success
My age < 35 learn as many as I can to become an expert, I try to find and collect many experiences
At here salary is not become first target. The first target is experiences
35 <= my age <= 40 I have decide my fixed value. The value which they must pay for my professional work(s). 
My age > 40 Money will find me. Everyone will find me. I am star.


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